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Max Evans (Jason Behr), who has long harbored a crush on Liz, rushes to her side, waves his hand over her stomach and - voila! But a couple of annoying UFO-hunting nerds start tattling to the local sheriff (William Sadler) about what they saw and suspicions rise about Max and his involvement. In the second episode viewers learn all three emerged from pods in 1989 looking like human 6-year-olds. Behr appeared last season on "Dawson's Creek" as an arrogant jock, but he easily makes the transition to sensitive, trusting alien in "Roswell." Newcomer Appleby is the real find.

We’re pretty sure there were closet-pedophile actors, photogs, directors, & producers on hand make the girls feel welcome!For high school kids steeped in "Romeo and Juliet" or the 1996 Leonardo Di Caprio-Claire Danes movie "William Shakespeare's Romeo Juliet," forbidden romance is a familiar and enticing plot device. He healed her wounds and now he's stolen her heart. The first 20 minutes of Wednesday night's pilot (9 p.m.You can't get much more forbidden than The WB's "Roswell," where a human girl falls for an alien boy. In the first two episodes at least, biological compatibility doesn't come up. on WCWB) is easily the best series introduction this season.Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are humans with extraordinary gifts.They are human/alien hybrids, sent here as replacements for the royalty of an alien race.

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