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First, it separates this messaging functionality into a discrete app, much as Facebook did with Facebook Chat. Looks like the "new" version has a different focus, but still...

And second, that self-destruct functionality provides the privacy and non-permanence that the younger set seems to crave when they communicate with each other. You'd be surprised how quickly a short video can turn into a great conversation." And here are the pertinent details. You can get Skype Qik for Windows Phone, i Phone and Android handsets. I'm assuming it works independently of Skype because, um, I still can't run Skype on my Lumia 630 (since I depend on voicemail with my Skype In number).

But in keeping with modern snap apps, Qik video messages also automatically self-destruct after two weeks. That said, if you inadvertently send a video, or have second thoughts, you can erase it at any time. You can block contacts, but only on Android and Windows Phone right now. This special kind of mini-video—like a 5 second animated GIF—can be sent when you're pressed for time. But if you're still curious, here's a little video that explains it better than I ever will.

Qik addresses two modern trends in mobile messaging, both of appear to be aimed directly at Millennials. You can record and store your own Qik Fliks so you're ready to respond to anything, Microsoft says. It's available on Android and i Phone only right now. From the Windows Phone app download page: "Not only is Qik brand new, it’s the very first app from Skype…since Skype. Skype bought Qik in 2011 and shut it down in April this year.

"We know you love your weekly Skype calls with family or friends; Qik keeps you connected in between. It still seems to work on Android, but now I'm afraid to update Skype on any platform out of fear that the update will no longer support voicemail.

I've contacted Microsoft several times asking about this, but have heard nothing back. I think this is a great way for MS to make inroads with a new messenger.

You can also make cheap calls to your family and friends back home, for free if they are also fring buddies or for low cost to non fring mobile numbers or landline destinations.Microsoft today released a new mobile companion app for Skype called Qik that provides group video messaging functionality.The theory here is that Qik treats video chats like regular messaging, not so much as standalone conversations but rather as ongoing dialogs that can be picked up again over time.You can then call the entire group or send one text to the entire group.While this can be helpful if you have lots of contacts, it can be hard to find the specific group you’re looking for if you make multiple groups. Click inside the search box in the left half of the screen, just above the “Conversations” tab and just to the right of the “New” drop-down menu.

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