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And quite frankly, if I do not, the bank would hold me to it until I do.

There is no path for me to force them to keep their word.

I guess I will possibly get three wears out of these before I retire them because they look rough.

If they say the fare is 0 and it was a clerical error, they honor it. When I make an agreement with someone or something, it means I will keep my word.

Maybe it's down to the laid-back, fan friendly vibe of the show; perhaps it's because today is Neil's 37th birthday and he's refusing to enter business mode; or it could, of course, be an affectation aimed at amplifying an air of artistry.

But judging from the way he casually and candidly discusses everything from having to play the corporate PR game - "Look, if it was up to me, we would show "The thing I want to make sure we're clear about is that we're not making Mass Effect," Druckmann elaborates with a wry smile.

Originally launched in October 2011, Naughty at least made the sensible decision to leave the almost defunct Play N Go network for Cozy Games in 2013.

That said it’s a site that’s struggling to stick out from the crowd, and it’s only the fun and friendly community that are keeping it a small step ahead of the rest.

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