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"It's localized Filed under: TV News Olympians, football players and ' Survivor' winners -- oh my!Yes, the cast of ' The Amazing Race' Season 19 will feature the aforementioned people, plus former showgirls, flight attendants and the youngest person to Whetting our appetites for next week's ' Survivor: Heroes Vs.He told People before the ceremony that he expected "all the happy and sad tears in my life will disappear in her presence" when they stood on the altar together.Zohn also teased to The Knot before the wedding that the reception would feature some games inspired by "Survivor" for attendees to partake in, adding that the guest list featured several of his fellow competitors on the show.This former "Survivor" winner just took on another title: husband.

Her hero is her mother, who has been fighting breast cancer for over ten years.Jenna Morasca is the Sole Survivor of Survivor: The Amazon. Infamously known for stripping for peanut butter and chocolate, Morasca managed to win four individual immunity challenges, and became the first contestant to secure six of seven jury votes.Jenna returned two season later, but pulled herself from the game early on due to her mother's failing health. Additionally, she is currently a junior at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in zoology.) have been dating for eight years during which time they faced their greatest challenge of all: Zohn’s battle with Hodgkin’s disease.Fortunately, Zohn is now cancer-free and ready to embark on a new adventure with the love of his life.

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