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- Irish Independent House price hikes ‘show politicians fail to learn lesson’ – Irish Examiner Pat Davitt: Mortgage rules change good but more required - Agent View - Irish Independent The business of Property by Philip Farrell Real Deal - Irish Independent Lenient property loan rules risk surge in prices – Irish Examiner IPAV's Submission to the CBI on LTV & LTI Mortgage Lending Regulations: Newstalk ; Irish Examiner; ; Evening Echo ; Western People ; Wexford Echo New IPAV president sets out his stall - Irish Times - Real deal.

The business of property - Sunday Independent - Eight reasons why the property market is still struggling - Irish Times - High-rise housing could solve crisis in the capital - Sunday Independent - IPAV president Alan Redmond calls for review of vulture funds - Irish Examiner - Redmond Calls For Review Of Vulture Funds - North County Leader - Conference in Dublin to discuss housing crisis - - Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers wants review of vulture funds - RTE’s 9pm News - Expectations high for IPAV meeting - Irish Independent / Business - We must be bold to beat the logjam in housing - The Sunday Times - Home economics: answering your property questions – Irish Independent - 'Help to buy' housing scheme needed, committee told – The Irish Times - I'd struggle with loan under Central Bank mortgage rules - TD - The Herald - Property prices continuing to show upward momentum - Irish Examiner - Property prices up 7.4% in year to March - The Irish Times / Business - Agent View: The outlook?

The NEWSPLAN project provides a listing of all extant files of Irish newspapers held in the National Library of Ireland, the British Library, public libraries, universities, archives and newspaper offices.

IRELAND’S postcolonial identity is a complicated one. Perhaps so — yet Ireland’s very status as a colony is a relatively recent assertion among historians and critics.

THE IRISH EXAMINER has suspended one of its weekly columnists over serious allegations of plagiarism.

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Ask the experts: Is there a danger of another property bubble forming, as some are claiming?However, according to reports, King is simply not answering telephone calls from the Irish Examiner.Journalist Brian Whelan helped discover that King allegedly copied substantial amount of text and ideas from articles published by Spiked editor Brendan O’Neill.Of all the territories that have been occupied and dominated by the British colonial enterprise, she says, “Ireland has been the one longest occupied and at the same time doesn’t want to really deal with it directly somehow, which is not really the case in Africa.” The responses of 57 artists, from some 2,000 who responded to a call for submissions, will be presented at various locations around Limerick from April 16.The range of work takes in video, performance art, textiles, painting, archival works and more.

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